Why Employees Are Always A Bad Idea

Renowned business thought leader Chuck Blakeman approached me earlier in 2013 to design a book cover for his upcoming book entitled “Why Employees Are Always A Bad Idea”. It’s about how the business world has left the Industrial Age and entered what Chuck terms the “Participation Age” – where businesses will have to adapt to a new climate in order to survive and thrive. I’ve always admired Chuck’s “tell it like it is” demeanor, and have been so lucky to get to work with him.


For the book cover, Chuck and I discussed the book’s contents at length before diving in. Chuck had previously selected the base image of the punch-clock. Fermentable Sugar LLC added a substantial amount of wear-and-tear to the clock, giving the appearance of a punch clock that was discarded just after 5pm on the last day a business ever used it and was lost to time. Eventually, rust overcame the paint and the glass cracked.


If you’re interested in learning more about Chuck Blakeman, Crankset Group, and “Why Employees Are Always A Bad Idea”, visit WhyEmployeesAreAlwaysABadIdea.com and follow Chuck on Twitter.

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Boulder Startup Week 2013

I worked with Boulder Startup Week to develop these retro 1980s video-game style stickers. Boulder Startup Week’s goal is to both showcase the excellent Boulder Startup scene as well as attract high-caliber talent to Denver’s “neighbor to the northwest*”. As the scene up there is both hip and nerdy – aren’t those really just the same thing these days, anyway? – the sticker should reflect that.


Wondering what the zeroes and ones mean? You’ll just have to figure it out for yourself! Or click this link if you’re not a binary person.

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Your startup brewery’s visual identity is more important than you think.

This is basically my craft beer version of a G...

Breweries in the United States are opening at a pace of greater than one a day. There are more than 2,500 breweries already open in the United States. If you’re building a brewery, you should really pay attention to your brand identity in addition to the attention you’re spending on how your beer tastes.

I am a beer nerd, through and through. Something I’m passionate about is how craft brewery startups brand their businesses. More often than not, startup breweries will half-ass their identities. I fully understand that brewery startups are on tight budgets, but building a solid brand will help you set yourselves apart from other breweries. If you’re getting funding to start a brewery, it’s imperative to secure a little extra to help with naming, branding, packaging, and other design needs brewery startups need.

That’s where Fermentable Sugar comes in.

We have experience working with startup breweries as well as top-50 breweries. We have experience in every facet of the process, from concept ideation through final design execution. We want to help the outside of your product reflect how good the liquid inside the bottle, can, or keg is.

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