Chinook Seedery Branding
Chinook Seedery Branding

Chinook Seedery Branding


Chinook Seedery





Name Ideation

Fer­mentable Sug­ar pre­sent­ed about 50 pos­si­ble com­pa­ny names to the client, who sells all-pre­mi­um nat­ur­al sun­flower seeds. The client select­ed Chi­nook Seed­ery out of the options. A Chi­nook is a warm wind that blows across the west­ern part of North Amer­i­ca, a prime loca­tion for grow­ing sun­flow­ers to har­vest their seeds.

Visual Branding

The client want­ed a brand that would reflect the high-qual­i­ty sun­flower seeds, and would stand out on high-end super­mar­ket shelves — they start­ed their com­pa­ny after notic­ing that there were no in-shell sun­flower seeds sold at Whole Foods. We used the sun­flower as a jump­ing off point for Chinook’s visu­al brand­ing. The addi­tion of a blue rib­bon com­ple­ments the orange and red of the sun­flower design while adding con­trast between the elements.