Goldspot Brewing Company Branding


Goldspot Brewing Company





I was approached by Goldspot Brew­ing Com­pa­ny to do brand­ing work for them. Now open at 50th and Low­ell in the Berke­ley Neigh­bor­hood of Den­ver (near Reg­is Uni­ver­si­ty), Fer­mentable Sug­ar worked with Matt Hugh­es & Alex Sward from Goldspot to iden­ti­fy what iconog­ra­phy they want­ed to use in their logo. The brew­ery name comes from the yel­low cir­cle in both the Den­ver and Col­orado flags. After research­ing the flags, it was deter­mined that the gold disk in the flags not only stand for Colorado’s rich min­ing his­to­ry, but also for our trade­mark sun­ny days through­out the year.

Through the design process, we devel­oped a series of marks that would work for Goldspot. Each round we honed the marks and added a few new ones. Even­tu­al­ly, through some seri­ous dis­cus­sion, we end­ed up with a final. The result­ing brand recalls the gold spot’s her­itage while high­light­ing Colorado’s nat­ur­al beau­ty, blue skies, and moun­tains. We devel­oped a print and web brand­ing pack­age for Goldspot, a height­ened con­trast grayscale ver­sion, and a silkscreen/em­broi­dery-friend­ly spot col­or ver­sion with­out the gra­di­ents to achieve bet­ter results.