Improv 2 Improve <span class="caps">SEL</span> website
Improv 2 Improve <span class="caps">SEL</span> website

Improv 2 Improve SEL website


Improve 2 Improve





We were approached by Lisa Poskanz­er & Improv 2 Improve (i2i) to rede­vel­op their web­site as they start­ed to ramp up mar­ket­ing & PR for i2i’s Social Emo­tion­al Learn­ing edu­ca­tion­al games. These very quick games are meant to be played through­out the day and pro­vide much-need­ed “brain breaks” for stu­dents and teach­ers. We built an e‑commerce ori­ent­ed web­site geared towards sell­ing their game packs to teach­ers and school admin­is­tra­tors. Part of the web­site is pro­vid­ing a free game that teach­ers can learn and play in their class­es near­ly imme­di­ate­ly. Much of the site is auto­mat­ed so that i2i can focus on their stu­dents and not on main­tain­ing their web­site. The site is auto­mat­ed with mail­ing lists and mar­ket­ing fun­nels to help a prospec­tive cus­tomer learn more about the pro­gram (and allows us to track our effec­tive­ness). Once a cus­tomer pur­chas­es the pro­gram, they gain access to a pass­word pro­tect­ed mem­bers area that has more con­tent for them to be more effec­tive in the class­room. The mem­bers area has blog posts, tech­ni­cal videos about how to play the games, a link to a pri­vate Face­book page for mem­bers, and more.