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Makers After Dark Branding

Makers After Dark Branding


NoCo Mini Maker Faire





Fer­mentable Sug­ar was hired by the NoCo Mini Mak­er Faire to run a one-of-a-kind event: a dis­tillers fes­ti­val but with robots & fire. Kick­ing off the 2015 Mak­er Faire in Love­land, Col­orado, we orga­nized a suc­cess­ful fes­ti­val that fea­tured 15 Col­orado dis­til­leries and numer­ous mak­ers. We had fire poofers who launched flames 25 feet in the air (out­side, of course), a fire-breath­ing met­al drag­on, a Tes­la Coil demon­stra­tion (!), a star­ship sim­u­la­tor. And all-you-can-drink booze (with­in reason).

Fer­mentable Sug­ar was respon­si­ble for the brand­ing of the event, poster design, radio inter­views, dis­tillery liai­son sup­port, glass­ware print­ing, and about 32 oth­er aspects of the event.

We want­ed brand­ing that mar­ried the con­cept of dis­tillers and mak­ers and came up with an anthro­po­mor­phic spir­its col­umn still with robot­ic mag­net­ic hands. And fire.