Tiemeier <span class="amp">&</span> Stich Website
Tiemeier <span class="amp">&</span> Stich Website

Tiemeier & Stich Website


Tiemeier & Stich, P.C.





This is the third web­site we’ve devel­oped over the last 10 years for Tiemeier & Stich, a law firm in Col­orado & Mon­tana. Each time we build a new site for them, Fer­mentable Sug­ar LLC updates their web­site to fit new stan­dards in web devel­op­ment & tech­nol­o­gy. This newest iter­a­tion is a visu­al­ly appeal­ing site that puts the focus direct­ly on Tiemeier & Stich’s attor­neys & exper­tise, their prac­tice areas, phil­an­thropic endeav­ors, and the beau­ti­ful his­toric Den­ver Capi­tol Hill build­ing they rehabbed (that used to house the Ronald McDon­ald House). TSLAWPC.com also has a very easy-to-use Secure Pay­ment por­tal that uti­lizes the lat­est in secure pay­ment pro­cess­ing, secured by a Secure Sock­et Lay­er cer­tifi­cate that encrypts the pay­ment from the cus­tomer all the way through to the cred­it card merchant.