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Fer­mentable Sug­ar was approached by Head­wa­ters Strate­gies to build a new web­site for them to replace the 10 year old site they had orig­i­nal­ly built them­selves when they start­ed their Pub­lic Affairs Con­sult­ing agency. Our goal was to bet­ter com­mu­ni­cate what Head­wa­ters Strate­gies does for their clients and how they work in Col­orado through strate­gic polit­i­cal coun­sel and state leg­isla­tive lob­by­ing. We orga­nized and exe­cut­ed a por­trait shoot inside the Col­orado State Capi­tol build­ing, and sup­ple­ment­ed those pho­tos with stock images from around the state of Col­orado. The result­ing site is far supe­ri­or to what they had before and bet­ter por­trays their exper­tise (on both the left and right sides of the polit­i­cal aisle).