Colorado BBQ Branding


Colorado BBQ





We were approached by High­side Brew­ing to split off their BBQ busi­ness into a new brand. They were set on the name Col­orado BBQ so we set out to build a brand iden­ti­ty that would match their vision. Part of their phys­i­cal iden­ti­ty is to serve food out of a food truck (even though their food is made in their kitchen). We decid­ed on a visu­al iden­ti­ty that would look like a chrome badge that might go on a vehi­cle. We used a ref­er­ence to the Col­orado flag for the CO por­tion of the brand­ing, and then found & mod­i­fied a com­ple­men­tary type­face for the BBQ text. While the chrome-styled brand­ing is the pre­ferred treat­ment for Col­orado BBQ, the mark works very will in a sol­id col­or and on any back­ground, light or dark.